Reception of the district executive committee

4 Lenina Street, Bragin, 247632


Main Economy Industry


The following industrial enterprises operate in the region:

Joint limited liability company “BRADISS” and the state-run company “Komarin Forestry”.

BRADISS employs 67 people. Its main activity is breadmaking. Over the ten months of 2005 the company manufactured consumer goods worth of Br252 million, up 17.8 per cent on a year ago with the projection at 10.5 per cent.

The state-run company “Komarin Forestry” has 44 employees. The organization is undertaking various types of activity in forest management, accounting, protection and reproduction of forests. It also carries out surveillance of radioactive contamination in the forests under supervision.

Over the ten months of 2005 the company manufactured industrial products worth of Br569 million, 19 per cent against previous year’s figures with the forecast at 10.5 per cent. The organization produced consumer goods worth of Br20 million.

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