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21 September 2022
During the meeting, the parties discussed new projects and cooperation plans of the Republic of Belarus and the World Health Organization.
15 September 2022

“We’ve seen a small increase but it is much lower than last year. We are working absolutely calmly,” the official noted.

Dmitry Pinevich went on saying that the current workload of medical professionals is certainly higher than it was in summer.

9 September 2022
MINSK, 9 September (BelTA) – A new breakdown of the small business sector has been worked out in Belarus. Belarusian Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov mentioned it during a meeting of Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and top officials of the Council of Ministers, BelTA has learned. During the government conference Economy Minister Aleksandr Chervyakov noted that a bill had been drafted with a view to improving entrepreneurship activities. Its goal is to increase the...
1 September 2022
“It is a celebration of all those who cross the school threshold on 1 September to get closer to their dreams, which knowledge helps them realize. Today a new school year begins, for someone it is the first one in their lives. Belarusian schools greet the first graders with great warmth. Together we have done everything to make this day most memorable and happy for kids and their parents,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.
24 August 2022
Igor Sergeyenko said that during the government conference held on the previous day to discuss the development of the national education system Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that it is necessary to work out a clear, transparent, and understandable system for university admission.
18 August 2022
On the other hand, Aleksandr Lukashenko gave an instruction to negotiate contracts with retail chains for the supply of domestic products, so that they will not need to import products, including potatoes, in winter and spring.
9 August 2022
MINSK, 9 August (BelTA) – A solid economy is a guarantee of stability in the Belarusian society, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at the meeting of the Council of Ministers held on 9 August to discuss the functioning of the country's economy under sanctions and measures to overcome them, BelTA has learned. “We are having an interim government meeting today. We need to schedule a similar government meeting hosted by the president at the end of the year in order to take...
3 August 2022
MINSK, 3 August (BelTA) – Belarus has harvested 2 million tonnes of grain so far, BelTA learned from the press service of the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry. “As of early 3 August the grain harvest in the country reached 1,944,000 tonnes. The figure will be considerably higher by the end of the day,” the press service said. Grain and leguminous crops (excluding maize, buckwheat and millet) have been cropped from 24.4% of the targeted area. Harvesting was completed on...
28 July 2022
Cereals and leguminous crops (excluding corn, buckwheat and millet) were harvested from 222,500 hectares, which is 10.39% of the designated area, the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry told BelTA. As of July 27, Brest Oblast cleared 25.9% of the designated area (89,700 hectares), Gomel Oblast 13.9% (48,400 hectares), Grodno Oblast - 10.19% (31,100 hectares) and Minsk Oblast - 9.78% (43,900 hectares). All in all, Belarusian farmers cropped 883,000 tonnes of grain with the average...
19 July 2022
The document allows providing individuals with land plots up to one hectare to build homes in rural areas. The document also allows land users to buy within five years land plots that they will have as of 1 September 2022 or to lease land plots for a period of 99 years on preferential terms (using a coefficient of 0.8 in Minsk and oblast capitals, and 0.5 elsewhere).
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