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25 February 2022
“Of course, we are such good-natured people, Slavs: we feel shy to make money on health. Yet, the question is not even about earning, we want our people not to have to spend money on treatment in Germany, somewhere else. Therefore, these surgeries, procedures and other high-tech things should be done here. This is the objective of providing support on my part and on the part of the state as a whole,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.
17 February 2022
MINSK, 17 February (BelTA) – Belarus exported dairy products to 55 countries in 2021, Belarusian Agriculture and Food Minister Igor Brylo said at the international forum “Agriculture of Belarus. Dairy Farming”, BelTA has learned. “We have sufficient resources to satisfy the domestic demand and to export. This is evidenced by the export indexes over the past five years. In 2021, the dairy exports increased by 47% in value terms (by $860 million) over 2016. In 2021 Belarus exported...
9 February 2022
In line with the document, 640,000 m2 of housing will be built in Brest Oblast, 355,000 m2 in Vitebsk Oblast, 520,000 m2 in Gomel Oblast, 475,000 m2 in Grodno Oblast, and 330,000 m2 in Mogilev Oblast. Some 1 million square meters of homes will be delivered in Minsk Oblast, of which 24,400 square meters should be put into operation by the Minsk City Executive Committee in satellite towns for people who were put on the waiting list for better housing in Minsk. Some 880,000 m2 of housing will be delivered in Minsk.
4 February 2022
MINSK, 4 February (BelTA) - The information and communications sector accounted for 7.4% of Belarus' GDP in 2021, BelTA learned from the Communications and Informatization Ministry. "In 2021, the organizations of the sector fulfilled the targets and implemented the activities envisaged in the social and economic development plan of Belarus for 2021. Last year, the information and communications sector contributed Br12.827 billion the country's GDP, which accounted for 7.4%," the ministry...
26 January 2022
Taking into account investment capabilities of the central state budget, the program provides for concentrating resources on the facilities and installations, which are to be commissioned in 2022, and on projects with a high construction completion percentage.
21 January 2022
According to the document, the nationwide referendum on amendments and additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus shall be held on 27 February 2022.
14 January 2022
MINSK, 14 January (BelTA) - The pilot production of the Belarusian vaccine against COVID-19 will be set up on time, BelTA learned from the press service of the Healthcare Ministry. On 13 January Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich and Vitebsk Oblast Governor Aleksandr Subbotin held a working meeting with representatives of the National Scientific and Practical Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Belmedpreparaty, Belgosproyekt Design Institute and the general contractor Stroitrest...
6 January 2022
MINSK, 6 January (BelTA) – Year of Historical Memory, which was declared in Belarus in 2022, will focus on the preservation of the heroic legacy and the truth about all periods of life of the Belarusian people, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said at a government session to discuss the implementation of Belarus’ historical policy on 6 January, BelTA has learned. According to the head of state, it is necessary to systematize historical research, memorial complexes, to...
31 December 2021
MINSK, 31 December (BelTA) – The year 2022 will be announced Year of Historical Memory in Belarus, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he paid a visit to the National Research Center Mother and Child on 31 December, BelTA has learned. “Among the things I still need to do this year is to wish a Happy New Year to my people and sign a degree on 2022 Year of Historical Memory,” the president said. On New Year's Eve, the president has a traditional working schedule....
22 December 2021
"The region is not getting the attention it deserves. First of all, this applies to the government," Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

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